Wuitashan Mountain Shanxi Province China


I was teaching English in China, at Yangquan in the Shanxi Province.

It was the holiday, and the school took me to the Wuitashan Mountains for a few days.

The name means 5 mountains and there are 5 mountains here. It has been foretold in Buddhist Literature that the Buddha will return to earth and will come to a place with 5 peaks. It is believed that this is the holy place where the Buddha will return to. Buddhist Pilgrims from around the world come here as a pilgrimage and climb the peaks. I too climbed two of the peaks..

The most holy land of Chinese Buddhism, Mt. Wutaishan lies in Wutai County in Xinzhou Region, Shanxi Province. It is rated on both the list of the first group of national scenic spots designated by the State Council, and the list of the Top 10 scenic spots in Shanxi Province.

The Temple Gate 5kms from the town is the entrance to the national Resort Park. You pay a fee to enter the Gateway and then the National Park.
It is one of China’s 4 Sacred Areas for Buddhism. There are 120 Buddhist Temples in the Park.
Mt. Wutaishan covers an area of 2,837 square kilometers (1,095.4 square miles), and its five main peaks, positioned east, south, west, north, and in the middle, embrace one another with broad and plain terraces rather than forests on their tops. That is why it bears the name “Wutaishan” (Mountain of Five Terraces). With the average altitude over 1,000 meters (over 3,281 feet), its apex, the summit of the northern peak which is famed as being the “Roof of Northern China”, reaches 3061.1 meters (10,043 feet).

We drove for a whole day from Yangquan climbing through some very windy and very beautiful mountains to Wuitaishan. We were booked into a hotel at the foot of the mountains. My room had a view of the mountains.


After booking in we went to the first temple..the main one on top of the first mountain. The view from the carpark was breathtaking.

I commented that I wished to climb the many steps right across from here to the temple on the mountain ahead, and that is exactly what we did the next day. The first day we visited Monsuri temple…..


view from Monsuri Temple





at the top

interior buddhas

tempple from the get


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