Schools I taught at…Rural School Principal…My last job in New Zealand in 1999

The story of my term as a Rural Principal in New Zealand in 1999…told in cartoons


School Goals

WALK TALL Be proud of myself, my school and my community
STAND STRONG Believe in myself, respect others and be honest
AIM HIGH Set goals and do what I can to achieve these

I accepted this position even though I was told I would not enjoy it. I was so pleased to have a small school I could love and cherish for the time I had the job. Alas, the school secretary took this as an opportunity to move into the Head Office and make sure I knew she ran the school, and the young couple already teaching there had visions of being the Principal and Senior Teacher and made sure I was not included in any activities….and I was to wonder why they advertised for a Relief Principal if they did not want to value one…

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