Cloncurry Queensland..Floods of 2009


I arrived at Cloncurry in the time of the 2009 floods.  I  was expecting to be met at Mt Isa Airport but was told when I called about arrival time that there was no-one to meet me. I simply booked a budget car  and found a huge 4WD waiting for me.

Not knowing where I was going, I followed signs to Cloncurry, following a vehicle in front as closely as possible as visibility was poor as it was raining. The rain got harder and harder. I stopped at a petrol station for help, and was told to follow the road and any car in front as there was just the one road out of town. I did this going over water working out that if the car ahead got stuck, I would too. It got dusk and then evening and visibility was almost nil and I followed the car in front, and when it turned to the left, had to follow the rest by myself.

I was booked into the first hotel as I came over the bridge so that was easy. I stayed there and went to school the next morning to discover that all the roads were blocked because of the floods and it was unbelievable that I had actually got across, which I had done because I had no idea what the floods would be.


I  had hired the Budget Car for a week, so used it to explore the area. I met two ladies at the Roadhouse while having a lunch and the younger one offered to tour me around, and she led me to see the floods, and the Dam and some of the area around.


Two weeks ago when I came to work at Bedourie, the cook who resigned came from Cloncurry, and actually lived in the same street as me at the other end. It is a small world.

Modern technology has taken over the Travel Nights and the Guest Speakers that groups and clubs have enjoyed in the past. Today if its not done using two thumbs, it is just not interesting.


In this house, I was to pay a student to mow the lawn monthly, and in the back I created a small garden where I grew soup seeds and ended up with some fascinating beans. My only friend was the man who lived next door, and once I returned my vehicle to Mt Isa I walked everywhere in very hot weather wearing a hat.

One  highlight was the tour of Estrada Mines…

Estrada Mine Clon..

The  other was the school garden. It was badly neglected, and I asked if I could plant there.

Helped by the school gardener, we grew pumpkins


Pumpkin in the yard


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