Road is washing away…September 18th 2013

There has been no rain so there has been no issues with the road. Then it rained..

Here are the pictures….


On the 17th there was a storm and a lot of rain, and as predicted, the gravel that was used to fill the broken road has now washed down, run over the green fence and flooded into the property below making it a gravel pit. Driving into my area is now dangerous with the deep ruts on either side of the black band aid….

There are 15 workmen and 9 machines here now still fixing the top of the road….and as predicted the rush of water, now directed by the drain above, has come down harder and damaged the road below…50 meters down from where the roadworks have stopped. Maybe these mainland council workers could be retained to finish the road while they are actually on the island…

DSCN6232 DSCN6233 DSCN6234

I have now contacted the councillor Mark Edwards again with these images.

My neighbour has contacted the mayor when I was away making the same request..that the road be completed properly. Eddie Beer Estate Agent who is selling the block on land, which was a prime block but now cannot be sold until the road is fixed…is also contacting the Council re the roadwork needed.

Here are the images….what will they do now…..the road needs fixing


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