Saga of The Road…..How roads get fixed in Queensland

I spoke to the local Members Office today about the roadwork commencing tomorrow..or soon at Mark Road on Russell Island.
It seems that the top part of Mark Road is being sealed with pipes coming down for drainage as I suggested in the last correspondence.
However, it is stopping at the property next to mine and not coming down to the corner where the major problem is as that is where all the water draining down the steep road comes to and the reason I contacted you before to get it fixed..which you did.
The workmen will camp at the other corner of Mark Road…there are 4 properties in this part of the road so its not long.
When I asked Callam , the manager in charge of the present task, he said they can only do as instructed, and the cost would be more.
The cost would be more still when I call back in December-February when the rains come and the lower part washes out.
He  has said the water coming down after the do the roadwork will be more than before…

I have taken some photos to show you the current situation.

DSC00031 DSC00032 DSC00033 DSC00034 DSC00035 DSC00036 DSC00037 DSC00038

The matter was referred to the guy in charge.. who said the budget won’t stretch to the whole road…my response, why not do the part that needs doing not the part that does not need doing…fell on deaf ears

I got totally annoyed with him.
he says they cannot change the road because of the budget.
I said the top of Mark Road does not need fixing..the lower part is the problem.
Why not just do the lower part first and put the drain they are putting half way up the road…100 yards from where the problem is….where it should go…at the bottom of the hill.
Draining water gains momentum as it runs down the hill…and the lower part is what gets the fastest flow.
One rain and the filling they have put there will wash away.
I cannot understand the stupidity of people who design and make decisions when they have not actually seen the road in the last few months or even the last month.
I offered to pay his way to the island for him to see the road…
They will do what they will do and I will be back online to you when the road floods again and all the sand is washed away.
the good part is I will have a great story to share with the press  when I call next time about the lower part of the road being washed away with new photos…and a new story of how the road was fixed where there was no problem and the new drain made the water move down faster.
I give up for now, but will be back again as soon as the first rain washes away what is currently there helped by the new drain
Thanks for trying to help
Photos will be added to my blog….its becoming a joke

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