Bodybuilding for a toned physique…


Before I actually went to the gym, because my shape was so bad, I started training using isometrics and an elastic band to stretch and get rid of some flab. When I thought I was ready, I joined the Gym..this is the first day photo…you can see the untoned body and little muscle.

The gym put me on a basic program. I also joined an online site…Jamie Eason…and the exercises were virtually the same…except I worked on doing 8-10 with 2 repetitions.


To my surprise, the toning was there after 5 workouts…three days, two days off and another 2 days…I was very pleased to see it was happening. This is after one week workouts. I must admit, I still kept up the elastic and some isometrics  and did some stretching while watching TV or reading….

Now its Week 2 and today I also started increasing the repetition to X12X3 and also started doing some extra exercises using the Jamie Eason exercises.

I cannot do pushups as yet, so am doing standup and using the Chin Up bar as a strength pushup…

The body is I leg pressed 100 kgs..last week 85 kgs…and this week will focus on the legs…Its not easy, but it a goal..

Stay tuned for next weeks photo.

If anyone wants to join with me..simply follow the link. Its an excellent site and these are free training lessons..well worth doing.

Of course, I am doing the weights I can manage and not over stretching to prove anything. Just do what you can but use maximum weight for 8-12 repetitions.


Using a gym gives you the resistance training machines, but most of the exercises can be done at home using weights. I have a 2kg and a 5 kg weight as well as elastics. You can use cans and drink bottles filled with water or sand to get the weights you need..

using machine

Don’t laugh at my flab…lets see the progress over a month…Maybe you can join too and have a go….


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