See you in the Sunset

See you in the Sunset

I was with some friends when the brother of one of them walked in.

I just fell in love. He was the perennial tall, dark and handsome stranger, and he was such a vibrant person. I am a Scorpio, his birthday was the 31st of October, also a Scorpio, and like a magnet I drifted to his side and stayed there.

The feeling was reciprocated and we only had eyes for each other…and I was so happy.

That week I received a postcard in the mail with a beautiful sunset on one side with the words…’See You in the Sunset’ written across the sunset.

I was delighted….what a wonderful way to start what was going to be a beautiful friendship.

I waited and waited for him but he did not come….

The next I knew was the death notice and the funeral….he had died.

I went to his funeral and cried even though I barely knew him..

When I see a vivid sunset, today many years later, my mind drifts to that beautiful man who said he would see me in the Sunset.

It was her time to go but not my time to let her go


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