Music in the Night…Navy Pier Chicago


This is the building at the end of the Pier that Jason Sang in so many years ago………


Music has the power to bring back memories so vivid you close your eyes and believe you are still there and it all real

I played the CD Phantom of the Opera…one of my favorites and then the song started…Music of the Night...

My mind went back many years ago to Chicago, where I met with two friends from  the Internet. Marilyn came from Chicago and Jason came from Utah.   He was in Chicago for a conference and had time to spend a few days with me.

We had a wonderful time….and with Marilyn’s huge car went around to many different places and explored Chicago as much as one can in 3 days.

I was staying at the Holiday Inn right next to the water where I had views of the frozen sea below and also of Navy Pier. I wanted to go there and Jason said he would take me on our last day there.

I bought a red felt hat edged with swan feathers…and a pair of leather gloves from Masseys…and we walked to the pier over some gardens. The Pier had many stalls and shops along it and we walked to the very end where there was a huge hall and inside there were people putting final touches to the seats for a schools final night that evening.

We asked if we could have a look around and were given permission and we walked down to the stage. To my utmost delight and amazement, Jason got on the stage and started to sing ‘The Music of the Night” in what was a beautifully modulated and trained voice…I had no idea he was a singer and a soloist.

People working stopped and stared mesmerized. He was an Opera singer, a tenor…and when he finished, the applause was thunderous…

He went on to sing some other numbers from the Phantom…The power of Love, If you could see me now, Stormy Weather and finally the Music of the Night….. before bowing down, and we walked out along the pier back to the gardens and home

When I hear the music from the Phantom of the Opera I am immediately transported back to Chicago’s Navy Pier and a handsome man singing to me…an audience of one

So beautiful.



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