Peach Blossom Festival Yangquan China

Festival area

Two young teachers, a boyfriend and his mother and sister took me to see the Peach Festival.

walking up the mountain edged with blossom

There was so much traffic on the road that chain smoking Uncle dropped us off at the village he had got to at the foot of the mountain and we walked the rest of the way, a few kilometres, up the mountain.

Blossom and Pagoda

It was hard work walking up in heeled shoes not designed for hiking, and harder going back down the mountain after a full day of walking.

Peach Blossom Village

The blossom was not out this year except for  a few trees at the lower part of the mountain so that was a disapointment as it would have looked spectacular had there been blossom.


The trees sadly had no blossom. This is the walkthrough that when surrounded by blossom woukd have been magnificent


Climbing to the top lake below

This is the view down to the second lake from the top of the Mountain.

Blossom Tree



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