Ming Tombs and the JeYong Pass Great Wall at Beijing


China tour tour was to see the Great wall at Badaling so I could toboggan down, and also the afternoon at the Summer Palace.

I was picked up at my hotel and 3 others were also picked up and the 4 of us, and the driver and tour guide Atta, went off to visit the Ming Tomb.


He explained that they were doing a different tour today and as I was already on the way there was nothing I could do to change the tour.


He kept up an interesting commentary during the trip telling us about the 13th Emperor which all China hated, and how his tomb was opened and the treasures removed for display at Ming Tombs for the Public to see.


We rushed in, saw the sandalwood pillars and then it was a fast trip around the inside of the tomb, without giving us time to browse the items or take many photos and then it was out. We did not see the wall photos, read any of the stories, or go out to the back and see the tomb mound as I saw last time I did this trip.


Then we went to the jade factory where to his delight we all bought a piece of jade. Lunch was there and we were ready long before the guide came back. I had left my camera in the Tour bus and he called the driver but I did not get the camera until after lunch so there are no jade factories photos…

Then he decided we would go to JeYong Pass as it was closer and there were long queues to the lift , etc.


This was Ok with me as I had been to Badaling before, but when I discovered this wall was only a short trip, I felt the other tourists with me shoukd have had the chance to wlk badaling which is flatter and has more extensive views as well as the lift to a higher position and the towers. here there was one very steep climb, and 5 towers to the end of the wall taking Simon 30 minutes to get there.


It was very disappointing. he took us back to the silk factory where everything was too highly priced for us to buy anything. He spent a lot of time trying to persuade us that we should buy something as this was real silk and the only good silk we can get anywhere. then he dropped off the Algerian couple after talking Simon to join me on the Acrobat Evening tour.

It was now 4pm and there was a big confrontation about dropping me off and leaving Simon to wait with him until they pickedd me up at 6.15 for the tour….I ended getting bery annoyed and told him to just drop me off and that was it.

He then sat and sulked reading his kindle . Simon was dropped off at his hotel, then the guide was dropped off and the driver drove me back to Red wall Hitel where I was staying.

He did ask for a tip for him and the driver. Simon and I paid him 40 yuan more than asked and  Inoticed the driver did not get a part of it.

It was so anoying that I doubt I will take a tour again with China Tour



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