Climbed the Great wall at Yangquan Shanxi Province China






Many people know and have gone to the different Great wall locations within access of Beijing, but not many have travelled further afield to the more exotic and the more inaccessible view points of the Great wall of China.

I have seen this wall on the horizon everytime O travelled by car from Beijing to Yangquan and Back and finally have gone there to discover it is one of the best Great walls in China. Yangquan has worked hard to maintain and repair the wall and there is a Wall Musuem, a Gallery with statues and paintings with legends written in Chinese and very beautiful courtyards and gardens. The one at the main entrance featured a maze where the writers would have walked before they wrote their story which was then placed around the walls surrounding and enclosing the garden.

One simply says, “My feet are for walking” and another ‘A long life’..translated by my students

Theere are two accesses to the wall…one which was closed to us and that one takes the long walk and the other was a climb to the Temple at the top and then up a very steep climb to the top of the mountain where the wall simply finished…and so did the tour.

We then walked back down holding hands for safety, and out through the main entrance

The pass is 100 kms from the city of Yangquan through Pinding and is about 368 kms from Beijing. You turn into the Pass Road which is unmade, used by laden trucks and almost in accessible in places for a normal vehicle. It is a few minutes drive to the start of the wall


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