Bananas and the Banana Trees


There are many banana trees where I live

I have never lived with a banana tree before, and it was very exciting waiting for the bananas to grow so they could be harvested and eaten.

The last storm when Micheal was home, a banana tree blew down and he cut it and made many bunches of bananas which were quite green.

They sat outside under a sack waiting to ripen and each visitor was given a bunch or two of bananas. It was very exciting.

Then they ripened…almost all at once and suddenly, there were bananas plentiful.

I ate them fresh and sweet. I ate them with ice cream. I ate them with honey, I fried them in butter. I made banana pancakes and banana bread.

The bananas ripened faster than we could eat them or give them away.

With the ripening came many small flies.

They flew everywhere and I was not sure whether the banana flies or the midges were eating me. Finally I threw the last lot into the bin.

I had had enough of bananas.


Then  a friend came to visit and she noticed a bunch of bananas eaten by bats.

I had heard a lot of noise at night but did not know there were bats who were waiting for ripening bananas, and they had found these.

Half the bunch was eaten and the ground below was strewn with bat dining scraps.

We found a saw and sawed the tree down and it promptly fell into the chilli bushes.

Zamilla sawed away and cut the tree into manageable sizes and I carried the banana logs into where they were dumped under the pines.

Finally it was all done and the half eaten comb of bananas was cut into bunches and all the bat eaten parts placed into the compost bin.

We were careful as bats have been giving a disease so it can be dangerous to eat any bat eaten fruit.

She went off with 2 bunches and many single bananas and I have 3 bunches under the sack waiting to see how long they take to ripen.

Anybody want a bunch of bananas?

I am back to a banana diet… yesterday fresh. Today on toast…tomorrow…maybe a banana cake or bread

Its good that I still like bananas.





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