Corroboree at Newman in West Australia in 2003

Corroboree starts..line of dancers

It was a display for the tourists who were visiting Newman in West Australia in 2003.

I was teaching there and went to the Corroboree with some of the teachers.

It started with the damper being made by a lady

Cooking Damper on ash

Damper is made with flour and water being carefully kneaded and formed into flat cakes which get placed into hot ashes for baking

Then we saw an emu being prepared for cooking n the fire. He is killed and plucked by the men, then gutted and cleaned by the women, and then placed into the hot coals for baking. Two hours later it was served in slices with the warm fragrant damper and tasted delicious.

Emu on ground being cleaned..good photo

The Corroborree ended with a friendship Pact, and everyone queued for a slice of meat with Damper before returning back to the town

2 men holding pole

After the Corroboree the family members lined up for me to take their photo.

I posted a copy of the photo to the family care of the Post office in Newman and wonder if they ever received the copies. I still have the copy if they are to read this and would like to make contact. The photos are from 2003  and I think the camera was my 1 pixel first digital camera which was bought when I was at Halls Creek, with photos  saved on CD’s that I recently opened to find these images. I apologize for the quality.

Group at end..2


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