Can you see the Lizard?

Dog and the camouflaged lizard

Can you see the Lizard?

I was walking the dog  at Hervey Bay when he must have caught a glimpse of something in the leaves.

He went straight for it and I saw this tiny lizard a few inches away from the dog. He was so still, he did not even breathe a whisper.

One movement and the dog would have seen him and got him.

He sat there so silently while I took many photos with the dogs nose just near him.

Eventually I took the dog away with me and we left the lizard to his sunning.


He did not even move an eyelid. He sat there still as still.

A tiny lizard waiting for the dog to pass

Perfect camouflage

Perfectly camouflaged by the fallen leaves and twigs under the eucalyptus tree, blending into the background.

The dog knew he was there and he relied on movement to see the lizard who stood silently as a statue made of stone

Perfectly camouflaged lizard

The lizard sits so very still.

He is behind the dogs tongue in the photo, barely a hand-span away from the dog’s mouth, and he did not move

What faith the lizard had in his ability to be safe because of his stillness.


Still he does not move. We moved away and left him in peace.


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  1. anbrooks2013 says:

    Nice eye and great pictures!

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