Tianzhu Mountain





Tianzhu Peak through the Spring Buds China


Tianzhu Mountain is also known as the Wan Mountain. It is located in the Qianshan County, in the Anhui Province of China. The highest peak is called “Tianzhu Peak”, because it’s like a giant pillar soaring into the sky.

Strange Shaped Rocks at Tianzhu China

In 106 BC, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty named Tianzhu Mountain as “the Southern Mountain” after he had climbed it. The name was changed by the Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty to “Ancient Southern Mountain”

The Mountain was called Mountain Wan and the river was called River Wan. So “Wan” is a short name for Anhui Province. The main scenic area of 82.46 square kilometers is divided into eight major scenic areas. In these areas, the peaks are all magnificent, the stones are all odd, the caves are tranquil, and the rivers are serene. It is rich in natural scenery.

Dragons Playthings at Tianzhu China

The mountain has the majestic beauty of the northern mountains and the elegance of the southern mountains. Tianzhu Mountain was listed as one of the China’s main Scenic Spots in 1982, and listed as a National Forest Park in 1992. There are many famous landscapes such as Mysterious Valley which was listed as “the China’s No. 1 Secret Place of Granite Caves”.

Buddhas Face at Tianzhu San China

Tianzhu is the Third Patriarch Temple of the Third Generation Chan Patriarch, the World Famous Ancient Boulder Hole with cliff carvings, and the path of the Qian River called the first drift of Jianghuai. It was the location for the story “Peacocks flying south and East” which created some beautiful imagery and unforgettable memories. You will understand the meaning of “cut a bold and successful figure” when you come to the red well where sisters of Joes dressed their hair and clothing in the Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms. This area was the inspiration to many famous men of literature and writing: Wang Anshi, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian.

Crooning Rock at Tianzhu

It is the hometown of the founder of Beijing Opera ¨Cheng Changgeng, the famous writer of traditional Chinese novels-Zhang Henshui, the acrobatic queen-Xia Juhua and the new star of Huangmei Opera -Han Zaifen. The landscape of Tianzhu Mountain is extraordinarily unique and beautiful. Every Peak is odd, every stone is unusual, every cave is tranquil, and every river is elegant.

Flying Stone at Tianzhu Mountain China

The landscape is Natural and created by Nature with uniqueness that is unsurpassed. The Natural setting provides some unique places for contemplation and delight. The great poet of the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi once praised the scenery in one of his poems: “the heavenly pillar reaches the sun and the moon and the cave that’s thousands of feet wide blocks thunders.” The famous poet Li Bai also said that: “After my alchemy is finished successfully, I want become a recluse in the mountain.”

Stone and Pines at Tianzhu Mountain

Su Dongpo said that: “I love the local conditions and customs of Shu State best all my life, I want be a recluse here when I am old.” They all considered the mountain as an inspiration and an ideal place to live in.

Tianzhu Peak is the Highest Peak at Tianzhu San

The mountain both has a magnificent pillar-like shape with 45 marvelous peaks. It is rich in exotic pine trees, queer stones, flowing waterfalls, valleys, tranquil caves, strategic passes and old forts. The third-largest artificial alpine lake “Alchemy Lake” is also located in this area. The eye cannot take it all in—too many things for the eye to see and too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

Gateway to the Tmple of Sanzu at Tianzshan Anhi Province, China



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