Naejeonsan Mountain in South Korea

I climbed this entire mountain because of Kim, another English Professor who virtually dragged me up the mountain insisting that I must see the peak, which I stood proudly on top of looking like I had no effort. It was very difficult.

End of the Climb..The Summit

I was to climb the mountain a few more times with different people, but I did learn that you can take a cable car up and walk down, or climb up and take the cable car down. The first time I climbed it was the first mountain I climbed in Korea, and also my first outing. I had taken a Teach English position at a small Hagwan an English School where students went after school to do homework and extra schooling from 4-9Pm and also to learn English. I was the English Teacher.

I lived with the Baek Family, who owned the business and because they had problem with the previous teacher, an American who liked to over indulge in the cheap Korean wines and beers, they could not get him out of the apartment for the Foreign teacher, so I moved in with the fanily and stayed there for the year I worked for Mr Baek.

Only Mrs Baek spoke some English, and she was their English teacher. In the year I taught them both to speak English.

I went to school with them, and walked back home as I finished earlier. I would go to the Supermarket by myself and it was here that I saw another ‘foreigner’…Greg, who was a professor at Nonsan University. I almost hugged him being so thrilled to find someone who spoke English. he was to introduce me to Kim and Andre with whom I stayed friends. It was with Kim and Greg and his dancer girlfriend that i climbed the first mountain. It was also Kim who in 2010 got me a job at Nonsan University as a Professor. I have a lot to thank Kim for.

I was to make many friends and climb many mountains but this was my first mountain in South Korea

It always started at a village with many shops and restaurant as Koreans love to enjoy the mountain every weekend

Start of the Walk

Looking up to the bridge

I thought it was great seeing the bridge up above, but later I walked across it too

Beaten by the Mountain

Many people found the mountain strenuous…I felt for this lady collapsed on a rock

Climbing the Mountain

It was climbing up sheer rock in which foothold were cleared.

View Below from the Bridge

This was the view from the Bridge

High Steps to the Mountain

The peak of the Mountain is reached either by climbing up these steps, or walking up the path…we did the path the first time and I climbed the steps another time

Summit Viewing Point

I am on top of the peak taking the photos of people just below the huge rock I was standing on

Mountain Outcrop

The view was stupendous in every direction from the top of the Mountain

Pines and Outcrops..View from the Bridge

Misty Mountains



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    Korea has some wonderful mountains to climb. Every weekend Koreans are climbing mountains somewhere. This was a very popular mountain and always full of hikers

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