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Bananas and the Banana Trees

There are many banana trees where I live I have never lived with a banana tree before, and it was very exciting waiting for the bananas to grow so they could be harvested and eaten. The last storm when Micheal … Continue reading

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Spirits at Carnarvon Gorge Queensland

For a week I camped in my Toyota High Ace Campervan at the Carnarvon Gorge National Park at a Caravan Park at the foot of the Gorge beside a river flowing strongly over pebbles that Koreans spent time arranging into … Continue reading

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Teaching at Kintore Community Central Australia in 1999

I returned to Australia in 1999 to take an appointment at Kintore Remote Community 600 kms west of Alice Springs, about 30 kms from the West Australia  Border. This was the school when I arrived there. The school grounds were … Continue reading

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Corroboree at Newman in West Australia in 2003

It was a display for the tourists who were visiting Newman in West Australia in 2003. I was teaching there and went to the Corroboree with some of the teachers. It started with the damper being made by a lady … Continue reading

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Start of a Novel…Room from the Top

The Beginning: It was time to die. I have done everything I could have done, and now other people are dying. I have killed enough. It seems like it was me who was doing the killing. Each death has agonized … Continue reading

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A beautiful Film and a beautiful garden..a story without words

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Can you see the Lizard?

Can you see the Lizard? I was walking the dog  at Hervey Bay when he must have caught a glimpse of something in the leaves. He went straight for it and I saw this tiny lizard a few inches away … Continue reading

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Swan Plant and Monarch Butterflies

When I saw the Swan Plants lining the road at Russell island, it took me back to the Swan Plants at the school garden in Mangere New Zealand where I was teaching First Grade full of the most delightful children … Continue reading

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New Orleans on Tour   The Museum of Modern Art Longue Vue Southern Homestead The Riverboat returning to New Orleans The Riverboat, Creole Queen, that ran the Tour New Orleans bridge The Mississippi and the Bridge from Baton Rouge New Orleans Cemetery Tombs … Continue reading

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Great Wall of China..North Tower This was my very first walk on the Great Wall of China and my first  stay in Beijing. It was winter, as because I was a teacher, my holidays were always in winter for the northern hemisphere, when Summer … Continue reading

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