Walking to the Point at Low Tide


It was beautiful this morning at 5am when the tide was going out and I went walking to the Point with my new camera to see if it would do anything dramatic.

It was not a sunny morning and the light crept in with a whimper and there was no sunrise colors to brighten the sky so the scene looked cold and desolate. There was a lot of sea-grass, the only green in sight, along the shore and the tide was going out so everything was damp and wet and muddy, and also a bit slippery. I was able to walk to the Point but not as far as usual as the tide was still meandering its way out.


Walking in the morning with a fresh sea breeze was very invigorating and I enjoyed the wind through my loose hair and over my face and reveled in the freshness of the morning. There was no  one walking their dogs or anywhere in sight. It was a very solitary expedition with  just the wind as companion for my  thoughts. I enjoyed the small swallows darting between the mangroves, and only they and I appeared to be awake this morning.

I walked back and collected a half eaten mango lying on the path…the birds in my garden enjoy the fruit and after eating the clean half, I threw the rest out for the Galahs who were hanging around waiting for the wild bird seed I usually give them. This morning, being out of bird seed, I gave them some porridge. They did not like it as much and pouted as they sat on the fence telling me what they thought about porridge before flying away.

The Galahs have started eating the grass seeds on my lawn. There are yellow flowers that the galahs love to eat and this morning they were there amongst the grass when I returned from my walk. They really are hungry these days. I seem to get them every morning and every afternoon looking for food.


The curlews came for some bread and I usually give them some seed bread which they enjoy.


I filled up the water troughs and came inside to find my Internet had been slowed as I had used my quota. It was my lucky day as I was given a replacement quota to tide me over and that resulted in me spending all day here writing blogs, downloading photos and watching Tutorials for my new Sony Camera on YouTube.

The day has now gone and all day I have been at the desk tapping away at keys and working with photos. To me it was a wonderful day. I had one phone call from a friend and two from Telstra and lunch was simply Vegemite on bread as I could not open the jar of asparagus that I had planned to mornay over spaghetti.

I have now been offered a job teaching English in China and have some deep thinking to do and decisions as I have now retired and was planning on living on the pension and  writing ebooks again. Today I uploaded links to the books I wrote last year and updated them. I also tried to wake up my dead Tripod websites that are the home of my E-Books.

I enjoyed the day immensely…..





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