Travel Home by Train to Lamb Island

2 Jan 2013

panorama 1980

The taxis at Gladstone were unreliable and every time I called one, it did not appear, so I booked a taxi 45 minutes before train time, and it actually came early and I paced Gladstone Station for the 45 minutes wait for the Tilt Train to Brisbane.

I collected my ticket and was also given a complimentary train ride back to Cleveland which made me very happy.

Seat 47 in Carriage B for Brisbane was a sole seat which I liked, but the only time I turned around and started talking to the English Couple sitting behind me, asking how to play music on my new phone as an introductory conversation, the Train assistant came and told me to be quiet and turn off the music as  people were being quiet,and that was the end of any more conversation. I retired into earphones and Slim Dusty and All that Jazz and my own silence.

It was easy to find Platform 5 and the train home came almost immediately. I chose the Quiet carriage and listened to more music through my ear phone for most of the journey, or until the battery looked as if it was lessening.

It was a long wait for the 250 bus..I danced by myself to the ear phones and finally it came and took me to Redland Bay where I called Zamilla to collect me from the Jetty of Lamb Island.


She left me to go collect her crab pots and I watered the garden before going into the very hot house which was also very dusty as I had left two windows open. It had also rained during my time away as the bucket was half full of water from the roof leak and the floor was covered with white paint flakes. Sighing, I opened the windows, out on all the fans and set the fridge going.

I am now back home on my beautiful Island




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