New Years Eve and the New Year’s Day

Happy New Year 2011

The New Year symbolizes a new beginning.

We wait hopefully believing that on the first of January, we wake to a new year, a new day, a new start, with all the issues of the past year laid to rest in the background, and a smiling sunrise greeting the new beginning year and start.


What actually happens is that we wake bleary eyed and sleepy from the late night of the 31st, and the mirror tells us we look even worse than we looked last year, and nothing has changed, except we know that next year will be even better if we survive this year. The problems and issues are still here, the hopes and dreams are still here, and we know that no miracle has happened. Its just another day again. But we know there is a New Year Ahead and that cheers us up especially when someone says, ‘Happy New Year” reinforcing the fact that yes, the New Year has started.

Gladstone 1204

Last Year I decided it was going to be different this time. I would actually do something, spend the last day of the year with somebody and sit up till midnight and sing ‘Should Olde Acquaintance be forgot’ and drink champagne and be on a dance floor when the countdown began.

The somebody I selected turned out to be a grumpy ugly dog who disliked everything about me in the first half hour we were together, and I left him to do my own thing. This was booking into an expensive hotel and planning to go dancing. What really happened was I got tired by 9pm and decided to lie down my weary head, which was so weary, it stayed lying down until 6am next morning, when all the action was done, and the night had passed with nary a firework nor a champagne waking me to reality.


I woke to find I had missed the sunrise, and anyway it was raining and dreary outside,  and the most cheerful thing was the toast and pannetonne I had for breakfast sitting on the balcony watching the sunlight trying to compete with the clouds and rain for attention. The sun won and beamed delightedly at me so I went on Facebook to see who had sent me a Happy New Year, and finding no-one,  created a card that I sent to everyone and I returned to the balcony to read a book and meditate on the state of affairs I had got myself into through no fault of my own.

DSC00233I spent the day walking to the Water looking for a cruise or ride on a ferry Boat and ended with a ferry round trip to Curtis Island and back again, a lonely trip alone on a dreary day sitting by myself or walking to the deck taking colorless photographs of a colorless sea and day


Thus ends the first day of the year….doing nothing exciting, talking to no-one and  walking alone the streets of a town I will never visit again.

Does every picture really tell a story?
Yes, it does…..

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2013


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