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Grand Piano Recital Anywhere, or, Put me at a Piano and ask me to Play My Grand Passion and Love is the Piano and as I now do not have one, anytime I see a piano anywhere I invariably find someone to ask whether I can play it. Almost always the answer is ‘Of … Continue reading

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You are not Responsible for your Past, You are responsible for your Now

I hear so many adults blaming their inadequacies or faults onto their past and I think, ‘Grow Up. Take some responsibility for your life and fix yourself” I never say that unless they persist on telling me how their mother … Continue reading

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The Golden Seal…… I traveled to China in 2002 to take up the position as Head of English at the School of Administration at Wuhan University in the Hubei Province of China. The University was a massive campus where students lived in … Continue reading

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The Beach at Russell Island

I wanted to see the beach at Russell Island where I am now living. It was quite a long drive for an island, about 10 kms, to the top of the Island where the passage is, called Outlook Point Here … Continue reading

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Ho Chi Minh City…. Parked to buy weasel Coffee

We parked the tour car and the driver went away and left us to wander the market by ourselves. We walked through the market but though we wanted to buy things, the stall holders were not friendly and actually snubbed … Continue reading

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First Born

I was a first born Baby and I grew to be independent and in control and wanted my own way, though that was because I was always able to have my own way when I wanted it. I was born … Continue reading

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Bush Fires Australia

Unless you have experienced a bush fire you really cannot understand or imagine the seriousness of the fires. The fires move in a relentless wall of flame devouring everything in their way. The fire is hot, usually fanned by winds … Continue reading

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What would you do if you were not Afraid?

What would you do if you were not afraid? I love the sea, the water, being on or near the water and living near water. However, I have a fear of swimming. I am afraid to put my head under … Continue reading

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Wuitashan Mountain China

This temple is in the Wuitashan Mountains, the most holy place in China, the place of the second coming of the Buddha. I was teaching English in China, at Yangquan in the Shanxi Province. It was the holiday, and the … Continue reading

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Ross Waterhole Normanton Queensland

I was cooking for the Muster at Double Lagoon forty kms north of Normanton and for 3 months had done the cooking and not gone out of the property. The Boss, who was one of the brothers who owned the … Continue reading

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